Hot Loan Product #12

Hot Loan Product #12

Business Loans – Not Tied to Real Estate 

The loan is against the business Owner’s future business based off of its past performance.

We average out the businesses gross sales and loan up to two times the company’s gross monthly sales in one lump sum.

For example if a company grosses $50,000 average each month in sales as an example, the business owner is eligible for up to $100,000 through business loan. 

We are NOT looking at net profit.

We look at the business to make sure it  consistently continues to have consumers purchasing products from the company. CASH FLOW IS KING!

The more positive and consistent the cash flow, the larger the advance the company will be eligible for. Standard rule of thumb is that we will advance your company up to 2 times your business’s gross monthly sales. 

Needs for submission:

  1. Link for Loan Application: Business Loan Application – NOT tied to Real Estate
  2. Copy of Driver License or Photo ID
  3. Last 4 months bank statements
  4. Last 4 months of processing statements
  5. Copy of Lease
  6. If held in Corporation/LLC    Articles of Organization/Incorporation – Operating Agreement/Bylaws
  7. ** To expedite a decision on your file, please submit legible signed applications, dated within the last 30 days, and statements separated by month in adobe format “.pdf”.

Partial list of Businesses we get loans for;

  • New Business Retail Solutions
  • Restaurant Fast Food & Delivery (pizza, etc.)
  • Internet/E-commerce
  • Mobile Businesses
  • Service Businesses
  • Automotive Fuel Service
  • Grocery
  • Hospitality
  • Golf Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • High Risk Businesses
  • B2B Non/Profit
  • Political Campaigns d
  • Need to have a minimum of $15k in total deposits per month and a minimum of 6 deposits per month. If not see below.

Declined from our good rates above? Want to get your last chance loan – but with higher rates – get application at  Last Chance Business Loan 

Abbriviated List Of The Most Popular Loans We Offer :

If you like fast, honest answers call us or fill out the loan request form .

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