Fix and Flip Money

Fix and Flip Money

Fix and Flip Money for Rehabbing Properties in California

We may lend up to 100% of the purchase price plus 100% improvements can be financed too in California properties.

NO FICO and NO Income or Asset Verification.

If your deal makes sense we will fund it. We are a make sense lender.

We loan on any type of residential or commercial property.

Most qualify with zero down payment. Non owner investment loans only.

Rates range from 9.99% to 13.99%.

We are broker friendly and protect our brokers.

To get started, below is the loan application and borrower’s bid that we require for our loans. Ignore the percentages on the bid. Please use the borrower’s section of the loan application for the LLC or Corporation (if property under an LLC or Corp). Complete the co-borrower’s section for the person signing for the LLC or Corporation.

For a purchase rehab loan we need this specific loan application, found below, completed.

All sections of the application must be completed. Please do not leave GROSS MONTHLY INCOME, ASSETS, MONTHLY HOUSING EXPENSES, OR THE YES AND NO QUESTIONS BLANK. All income and assets are not verified to help expedite the loan.

Corporation purchases please provide-Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) provide – Operating Agreement & Articles of Organization.

What you need for submission are the forms below and,
2 forms of ID.
Copy of existing Mortgage Statement – for refi.
Credit report – for all new loans.
Executed purchase contract – for new purchase loan. Fire insurance agent contact and phone number – for all loans.
If derog credit letter of explanation on what happened – needed for all loans.
All corporate documents if taking title is an LLC or Corp (we still need the individual’s information whom will sign on behalf of the Corp.)

Click on the downloadable links for documents.

Important Note: If you do not own a home and you want to buy and flip a home you will need to have the purchase entity be an LLC. Click on this to get the LLC now. You will be the Borrower and the LLC is the Co-Borrower.

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Want to be a part of our syndicate? Partner with the best. We buy homes and fix and flip them too. We use our loan programs. Min investment $10K. Turn time is usually less than 12 months. Returns on your investment are usually 45% to 85% within a 12 month period. See prospectus for specifics. If interested contact us or call 310-737-8420

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