Abbriviated List Of The Most Popular Loans We Offer:

List Of The Most Loans

As of 2015
Hot Loan Product #1

4.99% SIVA – Easy doc Stated Income Verified Assets 30 YEAR Loan for owner occupied at 80% LTV, 1-4 units and investment properties too. Cash out available. Loans up to $2M. Min mid fico 700. No 4506T. No tax returns. No W2s. No 1099s. No real estate industry borrowers. No for sale by owner. See guidelines for specifics. CA only properties

Salaried Borrowers OK. Self Employed Borrower must be self-employed for a minimum of 2 yrs in the same line of business. The business phone number must be verifiable via 411 or internet. Business licence & CPA letter verifying the borrower’s ownership of business for the last 2yrs is required. 6 months reserves requried from borrower’s personal/savings account. Gift funds not permitted for reservers. .25 hit to the rate for cash out or non owner.
Click here for detailed Guidelines

Hot Loan Product #2
50% LTV Stated Income Stated Assets “SISA” at 5.99% with NO Fico.
Has to be in A+ neighborhood. Non Owner investment SFR, 2-4 units, Retail office, mixed use.
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Pacific Coast only.

Hot Loan Product #3

75% Stated income and Assets “SIVA”. Low fico OK. Need to verify down for purchases. Loan amounts $75K to $1,250,000. 2 months bank statement from any of your accounts to show you can make the payments. Rate 11.99%. Loan Term 9 to 12 months extendable. Great for fixing and flipping properties. Investment loan only. CA only properties

Hot Loan Product #4

2nd Trust deeds at 70% CLTV. Stated Income “SISA”. No financials needed. Low Fico OK. Rates aprox. 12% to 13.5%. CA only properties

Hot Loan Product #5

Equity Line of Credit – Stated Income Stated Assets – SISA up to 60% LTV or CLTV. Can be in first or 2nd position. Rates 9% to 11%. Only pay for what you are using. Juice it up and pay it down as much as you want. Brokers get paid on the gross line amount. CA only properties.

Hot Loan Product #6

65% for 1-4 units. SIVA. Basic Loans to $2 million first position. Max LTV 70% at 7.99%-8.99% with 8 months banks statements with good fico. Terms are for 3 or 5 years. Corps – LLC and Trusts are all OK to fund into. Rates based on CA properties. Rates different for other states.

Hot Loan Product #7

75% for SFR, 1-4 units. SISA. Stated income Stated assets “SISA” at 10.5% with No fico. Loans to $2M. Terms are for 3 or 5 years. Corps – LLC and Trusts are all OK to fund into. Rates based on CA properties. Rates different for other states.

Hot Loan Product #8

70% for SFR, 1-4 units. SISA. Rate 9% to 10%. Term 3 years. Non owner. LLC or Corp is okay.

Hot Loan Product #10

Fix and Flip / Purchase Rehab Loans. As a make sense lender we may lend up to 100% of the purchase price plus 100% improvements financed too. Any type of residential or commercial property. Click here for details Non owner investment loan only. Check Your Deal with our Analyzer CA only properties.

Hot Loan Product #11

5+ units. Multifamily Home Loans – No 4506 – No Tax returns on borrowers. Charge as many points as you want. Rates start at 3.14%. Click here for details Nationwide.

Hot Loan Idea #13

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Any rates and terms stated above are for professional real estate mortgage brokers and bankers only. Rates, terms and procedures subject to change daily. All loans are for investment purpose only unless specially stated.