Loan Types

Alt Doc Second Mortgage Loan Program

We offer an Alt Doc Second Mortgage Loan Program Also know as a bank statement only loan. We do not require Tax returns for self employed persons. But if you are a wage earner, that is you work for someone else, we require full doc. This is a loan that goes behind a first trust deed. That fist Trust deed loan must be at a rate below 5%. Credit fico requirements for our “2nd” second...

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AirBNB and VRBO property rental loans 2022

We offer AirBNB, VRBO property rental loans and other short-term property rental platforms. These loans have taken over desirable rental markets throughout the United States. Yet, despite the vast potential of short-term rentals, lenders are still having trouble making loans on these properties but not us. With these types of rentals gives a little extra money to help pay the bills and create...

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No Green Card or Citizenship required – Home Loan

Home Loans for Persons with No Green Card or Citizenship A true 30 year fixed loan for purchases or refinancing.            (as of 2022) You do NOT need to be a Permanent Resident Alien. New program offered No Green Card or Citizenship required. Borrower needs to live in the United States. Need Passport of other country they live in. They need to be working here in the United States for...

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Fast Cash Business Loans

In the first place we offer Fast Cash Business Loans. Moreover this is a quick and easy process. In addition most all businesses qualify as long as they have been in business for at least 6 months. Moreover fill out the easy one page application. Funding is in about 10 days. Additionally these business loans are not tied to real estate and do not require tax returns. Likewise we are NOT looking...

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Owner Occupied Bail Out Loan

A foreclosure bailout may be a refinance transaction when the true purpose of the loan is to bail out the property owner from an existing property and lien that is in foreclosure. We offer a strict owner occupied bail out loan for this purpose. The term is no more than 12 months with the intention to sell. A bailout is a colloquial term for giving financial support to a company or country which...

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Stated Income Home Equity Loans 2022

2020 stated income home equity loans. That is right we have this hard to find Stated Income Home Equity Loan. Right now it is only available in California. This loan can be in first position “1st”or in 2nd position on your property. Yes it is true you can get a stated income home equity loan on an owner occupied property. Stated income home equity loans are structured to assist...

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Stated Income Self Employed Loans 2022

The number one loan for self employed borrowers was our Stated Income Self Employed Loan. These loans give the self employed borrowers the ability to buy properties that they could not have with a traditional bank. Self Employed Loans keep our process simple and much faster than traditional lenders. We use our make sense lending guidelines for our self employed borrowers. We understand self...

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Alt Doc Home Mortgages

The Alt Doc Home Mortgages is similar to the state income loan but may require some bank statements. Self employed borrower’s most always choose the Alt Doc Home Mortgage program. No tax returns required for the alt doc loans we offer. Some people have heard this called Alt A loans. The term  Alt-A mortgage gets thrown around a lot, and for good reason. It’s kind of the generic term for...

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Stated Income Residential loans and Commercial loans 2022

Stated Income Residential loans and Commercial loans is our specialty for 2022. With a stated income residential loan which can be a condo or 2-4 units is availble quick closings. The stated income residential loan does not require any tax returns or W2s. Credit is not usually an option with this loan product. Low fico scores can still get a stated income residential loan. These loans are...

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No Tax Return Loans For 2022

No Tax Return Loans for 2020 for Primary residences. Most loans we offer are No Tax Return Loans For 2020. This is our niche. Simplify the process with a No Tax Return Loan. 99% of our loans we offer do not require tax returns. This is our niche. Simplify your loan process with a No Tax Return Loan. Majority of self employed borrower’s request a No Tax Return Loan. No need to co-sign with...

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Non Owner Occupied Loans

Need a non owner occupied loan? We have them and none of our non owner occupied loans require tax returns. We offer non owner occupied loan for both commercial and residential properties. Buying property isn’t just so you can have somewhere to live. It also can be a good investment. Whatever your reason, if you’re ready to buy more property but aren’t planning to live in it,...

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Business Purpose Loans

We offer business purpose loans in first or second mortgage position. We do not ask for any tax returns. You and get a business purpose loan put on an owner occupied property. Our business purpose loan will get you the money you need for your business fast. A small business can be started either as a sole proprietorship single owner with full business liablility and responsibility or as a...

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Hard Money Made Easy Loans

Hard Money Made Easy is what we strive for in each transaction. We want the borrower to feel they got a good fair deal. We want both sides to feel they both won when getting a hard money loan made easy.A loan of  last resort  or a short-term bridge loan. Hard money loans are backed by the value of the property, not by the credit worthiness of the borrower. Since the property itself is used as...

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Easy Doc Construction Loans 2022

With our easy doc construction loans we can make building your spec home a fantastic experience. As of 2020 – we do not ask for tax returns for our Easy Doc Construction Loans. The terms are from 12 to 24 months. These are a simple type of easy doc construction loan for developers, contractors and builders who have income and assets, but are unable to provide the required financial...

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