We keep it simple for brokers to do business with us.

Forms to do business with us:

  1. W9
  2. Co Broker Compensation Agreement
  3. Non-Circumvent Agreement
  4. Social Media Agreement

BrokersAt Equity Development we recognize that every transaction is unique. Our objective is to identify an opportunity that fits our lending philosophy, approve it and fund quickly!

Our lending philosophy:

  • A Real Benefit for the Client
  • Collateral (security – property)
  • Capacity To Support Loan
  • Story (need for the loan)
  • A Realistic Exit Strategy

DEAL DESK – 1-310-737-8420

Were old school and appreciate good old fashion conversation. Well let you know up-front if we are interested and under what terms & conditions. Why fill out forms, submit paperwork & wait days just to find out what a phone call could in minutes.

Quite simply, we are here to help.

Give us a Call & find out!

The rest is a very straight forward approachquick underwriting, candid communication, and responsive service giving us the ability to think outside the box and fund transactions effectively :


  • No bureaucracy
  • No loan committee
  • Rapid decision making
  • Swift transaction closings
  • Brokers are paid out on the 1st and 15th each month.
  • Broker splits are at 50 basis points up to 100 basis points on the monies funded.
  • Splits are decided before loan documents are drawn for each loan.
  • All brokers to have broker paper work in our office prior to doc drawing to get paid accordingly.
  • Each loan file at minimum will have $695 processing and $595 administration taken off the top before commission split


  • No non-essential paperwork
  • Alternative documentation
  • No Doc/Low Doc Mortgages on a case by case basis.

Custom Terms

  • Interest-only / amortized
  • Partial collateral releases
  • Ability to finance loan fees and interest carry.

Creative Options

  • Cross collateralization
  • Seller carry backs
  • Security enhancements as additional collateral.


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Want to be a part of our syndicate? Partner with the best. We buy homes and fix and flip them too. We use our loan programs. Min investment $10K. Turn time is usually less than 12 months. Returns on your investment are usually 45% to 85% within a 12 month period. See prospectus for specifics. If interested contact us or call 310-737-8420

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