Hard Money Made Easy Loans

Hard Money Made Easy is what we strive for in each transaction. We want the borrower to feel they got a good fair deal. We want both sides to feel they both won when getting a hard money loan made easy.Hard Money Made EasyA loan of  last resort  or a short-term bridge loan. Hard money loans are backed by the value of the property, not by the credit worthiness of the borrower. Since the property itself is used as the only protection against default by the borrower, hard money loans have lower loan to value   ratios than traditional loans. Hard money loans are used in turnaround situations, short-term financing, and by borrowers with poor credit but substantial equity in their property that wish to stave off foreclosure. Hard money loans carry interest rates even higher than traditional subprime loans. Since traditional lenders, such as banks, do not make hard money loans, hard loan lenders are sometimes private individuals that see value in this type of potentially risky venture. Even those with good credit are being turned away, and those with poor credit are often denied immediately. This kind of economic climate is increasing the challenges for those in financial tough spots to find emergency cash quickly. Our site offers a positive alternative to more rigid traditional lending structures.

To find out more see our “Hot Loan Products” for rates and guidelines.

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