Land Loans with high LTV 2020

Land Loans with high LTV 2017

Land Loans with high LTV 2020

We offer 65% loan to value land loans nationwide. A raw land loan will have a higher down payment requirement and a higher interest rate than an improved property loan. Some lenders require a 50% down payment, but with us you should be able to get a loan with only 35% down payment.

Everything You Need To Know About Land Loans

Buying a parcel of land, either as a long term investment or on which to build a new home, is not quite as simple as you might think. Unless you’re in a position to pay cash up front, you’ll need to borrow some money to finance the purchase. But borrowing the money to purchase raw land is not quite that straight forward. Land Loans with high LTV 2017

Land loans are unique financial products, and they are handled differently than mortgages and other secured loans. If you’ve never purchased land before, you may find the process a bit more challenging than you expected.

For stated income land loans in California the maximum loan to value is 50%.

Customers can get a 50% stated income land loan. The property needs to near or next other properties in the area.

For remote properties “in the sticks” the maximum loan to value on a stated income land loan would be 35%.

Remember you can get 65% “ltv” loan to value if you go with full doc. Link for full doc land loan.

For the stated income land loan you will need:

  1. 1003 Loan Application – use printed 1003. Leave liabilities blank
  2. Credit report we will pull or if broker submitted need full 3 bureau 
  3. Borrower authorization Borrower’s Authorization 
  4. Borrower authorization to run and pay for credit  Credit & Appraisal $$ Authorization Form
  5. SI form – Statement of Information SI Form – Statement of Information 
  6. How do you want to hold title  Vesting Form For Borrower
  7. **To expedite your file documents in adobe format “.pdf”.




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