Loans for Owners and Employees of the Marijuana Cannabis Industry

Loans for Owners and Employees of the Marijuana Cannabis Industry

If you work in the cannabis and or marijuana industry and have dreams of property ownership we can help.  In the first place knowing where to begin or who to speak to can be a challenge. Rest assured that you have come to the right place. Again owners and employees of this industry continue to face difficulties trying to obtain real estate loans. This is due to the fact that marijuana remains illegal under federal law, which governs banks and lenders. Additionally for us we have private money and funds for your mortgage loan needs.

Owners and employees in the cannabis and marijuana industry have options!Loans for Owners and Employees of the Marijuana Cannabis Industry

Again obtaining a loan working in a legal cannabis based business is not impossible! We can’t wait to help you turn your dreams into reality!

If you have good credit or bad credit it may not matter.

Non-Conforming Market

Not only has the lending industry has grown more competitive, traditional lenders and specialized lenders both have developed new loan products. And a variety of borrowers who previously would have found financing hard to come by can now obtain a loan. This non-conforming market category can range from start up businesses to the self-employed seeking business loans with bad credit.

Furthermore if you’re in the market for a commercial loan, new home, refinance of your existing loan or you own the business we can help you.

Did you know as of January 2019, that recreational marijuana is now legal in 10 states, and medical marijuana is legal in 33. If public support trends continue, medical marijuana is expected to continue its growth as an industry. Spending on marijuana in North America is expected to jump from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion in 2027, according to BDS Analytics.

**** For example deal – per underwriter—- We typically price our cannabis loans between 9%-10%+3.5pts for 12 months this could be stated income.  Or we can offer longer terms (up to 3 years) but there will be more points due similar to extensions.  We are willing to lend up 70% of market value/market rents but we do not base our loans on cannabis values. Go Stated Income or Choose full doc would  require (PFS, 2 years tax returns, a few months bank statements).  Although we always pull credit, we are far more concerned with the borrower’s ability to service the debt than their actual scores.

Last deal was – 

Cash-Out Refinance
Multi-Tenant Retail/Office

  • 65% Loan to Value.
  • Strong Borrower.
  • Current Use –Cannabis Dispensary

Call us 310-737-8420 to put a loan program together for you.

See our “Hot Loan Products” for rates and guidelines.

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