Private Money Loans 2022

Yes we have Private Money loans. Private Money loans are non-institutional residential or commercial mortgage loans. Most all of the mortgage loans we offer are Private Money Loans. They can range from Stated Income loans to bank statement only loan programs.

The lending standards nationwide have become quite restrictive and to get a bank or conventional loan almost seems to requires an act of Congress. Hard money loans can be a quick process and are based largely on equity but you do need to be able to prove you can make the payments. Need a fast loan or you had a recent bankruptcy, foreclosures, bad credit or difficult-to-prove income due to self employment? Then Hard Money is for you!

We are honest from the start as to how we can help you and we have pretty good Hard Money loan rates. As the Private Money LoansOwner, I have dealt with many types of loan scenarios since 1988.

Private money is a commonly used term in banking and finance. It refers to lending money to a company or individual by a private individual or organization. While banks are traditional sources of financing for real estate, and other purposes, private money is offered by individuals or organizations and may have non traditional qualifying guidelines. There are higher risks associated with private lending for both the lender and borrowers. There is traditionally less “red tape” and regulation.¬†Private money can be similar to the prevailing rate of interest or it can be very expensive. When there is a higher risk associated with a particular transaction it is common for a private money lender to charge an interest rate above the going rate.

See our “Hot Loan Products” for best rates , easy doc loans and guidelines.

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