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Business loans:  *Strategic Funding Source — Alexx 212-909-2430  ahall@sfscapital.com https://portal.sfscapital.com/app/authenticate.php     changed website to https://kapitus.com/ Strategic Fuding Source — Blen Girum  212-354-1400 xext 7226  direct 646-475-5907 bgirum@sfscapital.com *Mom & Pop loans Gil 888-806-2881 or  Cell: 510-304-0477 *Rapid Advance 240-380-1643 *Trey...

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Protected: We form and file your new LLC, Corps, Living Trust, Probate and more

Form or file your new LLC, Corp, Living Trust, Deeds, Power of Attorney or Probate and more. Thank you for considering Equity Development to help facilitate your legal needs. Ever hear about people getting ahead in life the easy way? Or “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” Most all the time it is because they knew someone whom helped them achieve their goals and pointed them in...

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80% LTV Loan To Value Stated Income Stated Assets to $5M

Yes, you heard it right we have a new loan program 80% LTV Loan To Value Stated Income Stated Assets to $5M. This is for non owner occupied single family homes. Rental income does not matter. No DTI requirements. This was posted 2022 and is still an active program. This loan has a term from 6 months up to 5 years depending upon the strength of the loan package. Borrower will need to have a 650...

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Stated Income HELOC 2022 low rates

We have the new stated income HELOC. Refinance using a HELOC. A HELOC is a home equity line of credit. Now with 3.88% start rate.  This loan has a 10 year draw period. The total term of the loan is 30 years. Hence the remain 20 years pays off the loan. Prime + 1 for 1st T/D’s Prime + 1.5 for 2nd T/D’s O/O + N/O/O Need 700 mid Fico score (if you do not have a 700 score click here to see...

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Hot Loan Product #11

5+ units. Multifamily Home Loans – No 4506 – No Tax returns on borrowers. Charge as many points as you want. Rates start at 3.74%.  A+ Borrower and A+ Properties only. Nationwide. Call us 310-737-8420 to put a loan program together for you. See our “Hot Loan Products” for rates and...

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Want to be a part of our syndicate? Partner with the best. We buy homes and fix and flip them too. We use our loan programs. Min investment $10K. Turn time is usually less than 12 months. Returns on your investment are usually 45% to 85% within a 12 month period. See prospectus for specifics. If interested contact us or call 310-737-8420

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